The Omega Vector was founded in 1978 by George Addair. The Omega staff are seasoned veterans with an average of twelve years loyal service. With the Socratic technique of asking penetrating questions and squarely processing them, we have produced a powerful program with more than 40,000 happy graduates from the world over. Omega is action based. The change that you long for may happen while you are still in the classroom.

We have learned that change must happen during the event or it doesn't happen at all. Tens of thousands have found new skills to enhance their personal and professional lives while participating in the program.

The human spirit is the greatest force known to the world, yet most of our energy is bound up in old beliefs and fixed attitudes. The technique of releasing this stored energy is within reach of everyone, and it can happen in a single weekend.

A short course in Self-Knowledge would be a good place to start life over again, or to give yourself a second chance. In fact, it could be the most important step that you have ever taken.